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The chemical industry with products and technologies significantly affects development and technological progress in the worldwide economy. As a manufacturer of fertilizers, plant protection and plant growth and other chemical industry is one of the main factors of development of food production.

The chemical industry is demanding water, therefore the relevant chemical Combines are oriented by stable flow of the river (e.g. USA).
The fastest growing sectors of the chemical industry have become the petrochemical and fertilizer industry. Major petrochemical base was established during the Persian Gulf (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait).

The production of fertilizers is the largest component of production chemistry. In the production of nitrogenous and phosphate fertilizers leads China, USA and Russia. Potash fertilizers Canada, Russia and Germany.
Sulphuric acid is essential - for universal use. (USA, Japan and Germany)
Production of plastic has the greatest range in organic chemistry. The rapid development of plastics production is related to the efficiency of production and wide application. (USA, Japan and Germany.)
Production of chemical fibers. Chemical fibers are divided into an artificial-natural polymers and fibers of synthetic polymers.

The basic division of chemicals they use in production is follows:


-Resource base
According to the origin of the raw materials of chemical industry can be divided into mineral, fossil, plant and animal.

air, water, sulfur, rock salt, potassium chloride, potassium sulfate, magnesium sulfate, limestone, magnesite, dolomite, phosphate, fluorite e.g.

coal (black, brown, lignite, peat), natural gas, oil, natural wax, natural asphalt, resins, guano.

sugar beets, corn, potatoes, wood, vegetable fibers (cotton, linen, hemp), seaweed, vegetable seeds, vegetable juices, natural rubber, spices, flowers, leaves, bushes and fruits.

milk, honey, fats, waxes, leather (horns, hooves, fur, feathers, silk), bones, flesh, blood, guts, eggs.

In order to achieve an international consensus in the manufacture of various products we use European and International standards. In this case, the chemical industry Standards. In this store you will find only direct chemical standards but in many cases are releated standards in others categories. If you can not find the right standards. Visit our main store www.en-standard.eu ( there you can find all ISO, EN, IEC, DIN, ETSI and more others standards)

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